Part# 02-024

Underground Hose Reel Parts

MTi GROUP stocks many replacement parts for the Underground Hose Reel: 

  • The Replacement end is a complete assembly including hose tail to suit R7 hose, ferrule for crimping, stainless steel weight and complete MTi GROUP’s coupling. 
  • The cabinet includes all pneumatic circuits to control inflation and deflation
  • The Hose Reel - H16000 is a bare replacement reel and does not include any fittings or hose
  • The Hose is non-stretch, non-steel reinforced, teflon lined, and nylon reinforced.


Description Part #
Complete hose end replacement including weight 02-024
Hose Reel Inflation Cabinet - BLASTBALL Control Cabinet Inflate and deflate 02-016
Hose Reel - H16000 (Green) GM20 - Hand Crank Bare - 3/8Inch x 90m 02-007
Thermoplastic Teflon-lined Dropline (Hose only) 02-018