Part# 15

SURESLOT Void Filling Bag


After several years of R&D, MTi GROUP has developed a material exhibiting over 80kN in tension and abrasion resistance second to none. The patented modular design allows underground miners to connect several bags in series, facilitating several uses in formwork and rise development. The SURESLOT allows for far quicker extraction of stopes and offers mine planners more versatility when planning. With applications in paste fill and CAF, the SURESLOT is poised to stand up to the harshest conditions.


Available in 5m and 10m sections, the SURESLOT conveniently couples together using cam lock fillings. The lightweight extremely strong and durable material has strength higher than conventional reinforced PVC's yet at a fraction of the weight where a 10m section weights approx 25kg's. Additional to this is the GREEN characteristics of the material from an environmental point of view. This is an exciting product with huge application advantages.



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Inflatable pressure vessel 1m diameter x 5m long


Inflatable pressure vessel 1m diameter x 10m long