Part# 03-067

Spring Return Hose Reel

This industry-compliant Spring Return Hose Reel is designed to be a permanent fixture on any drill rig or explosives truck. The spring return hose reel comes with 65’ (20m) of durable inflation hose (extensions available on request). Complete with MTi GROUP’s universal couplings, the reel can be manipulated to suit many different techniques for loading the BLASTBALL or BLASTBAG AERO™ products efficiently. This type of arrangement is advantageous when decking, plugging collars, supporting stemming and in void management.

System features:

  • Full operator control
  • Quick operation
  • Retention reliability
  • Increased productivity
  • The ability to deflate and relocate misplaced plugs
  • Safe storage and improved housekeeping - no trip hazards


  • Carries 20m of hose
  • Can be bottom, top or side mounted