Part# 08-010

SPEEDLINE Blast Hole Liner

A first of its kind, the Concertinaed Liner makes a significant change to the speed at which holes could be lined. The configuration allows single pass hole loading which increases productivity and takes many of the disadvantages away from liners. The high strength engineered polythene film offers significant strength and abrasion resistance, while having the memory to conform to the hole when loaded. Used as a waterproof sleeve when lining drill holes, the concertinaed liner is an extremely durable and lightweight liner developed over years of trials and best practice. Packaged in 30m sticks, it is far quicker than traditional liners. It does not twist, does not catch or snag, and is easily stored and transported. The liners are 100% waterproof and comply with the requirements of AS 2187.2:2008 Explosives - Storage and Use; Part 2 - Use of Explosives. 

  • Excellent for use in hard rock mines 
  • Great abrasion resistance 
  • Suitable for emulsion and ANFO 
  • Complies with AS 2187.2:2008

Instructions for use:

  1. Tie knot in one end of the SPEEDLINE liner.
  2. Place hose, detonator and primer in middle of the SPEEDLINE liner.
  3. Ascend up or down the hole and the film will unravel.
  4. Begin charging hole.


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Description Part #
CL-050-1 SPEEDLINE -50mm x 150um (20M STICK) 01-010

CL-064-1 SPEEDLINE -64mm x 150um (30M STICK)


CL-076-1 SPEEDLINE -76mm x 150um (30M STICK)


CL-089-1 SPEEDLINE -89mm x 150um (30M STICK)


CL-102-1 SPEEDLINE -102mm x 150um (30M STICK)


CL-115-1 SPEEDLINE -115mm x 150um (30M STICK)