Part# 11-000


The Cordwheel is an extremely robust product developed for the military. It comes as an empty reel ready to accommodate any one of MTi GROUP’s tape measure products. The Cordwheel fits all sizes of the TUFFTAPE Naked measuring tape, SURVEYROPE Surveyors tape and MiTiMEASURE dipping tape. Users can customize their measuring tool to suit individual site requirements. UV and impact-resistant, the Cordwheel is designed to withstand harsh conditions that our customers and products endure. They are available in Small (S) and Medium (M) sizes.


Medium (M): Fits all tapes from 20m – 150m

Small (S): Fits MiTiMEASURE and survey rope from 20m – 50m and TUFFTAPEs from 35m-65m

Description Part #
S - MiTiWHEEL - Black - Cordwheel 11-000
M - MiTiWHEEL - MTI004754-MTI - Cordwheel 11-008