Part# 01-052


The MiTiPLUG is used as a retention plug for emulsion and ANFO in an up hole underground mining application. Use of the product reduces slumping and wastage of ANFO and emulsion. The plug works by friction and interference of the plastic fins, to reduce explosive loss from vibration or creep. An economic alternative to our SLUMPSTOPPA, the MiTiPLUG is designed to work with all charge hoses. Application is simple and is easy to insert into holes. 

Product can also be used in small diameter holes in open pit mines for decking and hole protection. MTi GROUP have a range of sizes that suit holes from 64mm to 115mm.


Model Part # Hole Diameter Plugs/Box
MiTiPLUG 76 01-052 64-76mm 250
MiTiPLUG 89 01-003 76-102mm 420
MiTiPLUG 115 01-004 102-165mm 250