Part# 11-029


The MiTiMEASURE is the ideal bench and survey measure with many features and benefits. These include easy to read labels, a thick protective coating and a choice of either Stainless Steel or Fiberglass Core. This Australian-designed tape measure will not tangle or knot, is easy to wind up, and slips effortlessly along wet ground (allowing the user to survey and dip holes much quicker). More durable than alternatives, the MiTiMEASURE is the your ideal choice when it comes to harsh environments.

MTi GROUP also has a range of accessories to make your job easier. Consolidate your measuring requirements and cut your spending on tape measures by a third.


Stainless Steel:

The key advantage of the stainless steel core is the <1% stretch and extremely durable nature of the product. Blue in color, the stainless steel option is ideal for pattern marking and shallow holes. Due to the weight of the product, it better suited for survey as the line is more appropriately weighted and will not blow around in the wind.

Glass Fiber:

The Glass Fiber Core was developed as a lightweight high feedback tape that allows dipping of deep holes without the need for a heavy weight. The low mass per meter makes the tape excellent for finding the water height and the bottom of the hole. Green in color, the Fiber Core tape is the perfect all-rounder.

Description Part #
PL-020 - MiTiMEASURE - 20m (Stainless Steel Core) 11-029
PL-030 - MiTiMEASURE - 30m (Stainless Steel Core) 11-009
PL-050 - MiTiMEASURE - 50m (Stainless Steel Core) 11-010

PL-100 - MiTiMEASURE - 100m (Stainless Steel Core)

PL-060i - MiTiMEASURE - 60ft (Stainless Steel Core) 11-011
PL-100i - MiTiMEASURE - 100ft (Stainless Steel Core) 11-013
PL-200i - MiTiMEASURE - 200ft (Stainless Steel Core) 11-014
PL-030 - GL MiTiMEASURE - 30m Green (Glass Fiber) 11-030
PL-050 - GL MiTiMEASURE- 50m Green (Glass Fiber) 11-031
PL-100 - GL MiTiMEASURE - 100m Green (Glass Fiber) 11-032