Part# 03-067

Long Hole Stabilizer

A revolutionary product, the Long Hole Stabilizer (LHS) is a new concept from MTi GROUP that consists of a high strength woven shell with a high strength bladder. The product is designed to keep underground holes from collapsing during firing. Common practice is to over-drill a stope leaving several rings uncharged. Usually when firing a panel, the energy causes damage to the drilled holes which causes huge delays when prepping. Not only is re-drilling often required, but this also has safety implications when drilling close to an open hole or a brow. 

The LHS is designed to keep these rings open to eliminate the need for prepping or re drilling. Simply insert the LHS like a liner, inflate to the designed pressure, decouple and leave in place. After firing the adjacent stope, shotfirers can come back in and simply cut the LHS and load up the center like one would if they were lining.

The LHS valve system is MTi GROUP’s propriety AERO™ system and has a mechanical sealing arrangement compatible with all MTi GROUP’s inflation equipment and couplings.


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Available in 10m, 20m and 30m lengths.