Part# 03-067

Inflation Rig (DC)

The DC Inflation Rig is a reliable turnkey source of air needed for inflation of BLASTBAG AERO™ Plugs. MTi GROUP has several complete solutions to enable trouble-free inflation where space on a truck is premium.

  • The DC skid connects straight into an Anderson socket on any utility vehicle and will run continuously for hours
  • Turnkey system exploits all the advantages from decking to underwater inflation
  • The DC skid can be tailored to suit any blasting arena
  • With a tare weight of less than 120lb (50kg) the unit can be moved to any mobile plant
  • The easiest solution for any challenging site


Voltage: 12V
Connection: Large Anderson
Weight: <60kg
Tank Volume: 60L
Pressure max: 120 PSI
Hose length: 20m