Part# 08-031


DURALINE™ is a reinforced woven double-laminate liner used for lining blast-holes experiencing dynamic water activity, requiring dewatering, or requiring longer sleep times.
DURALINE’s™ strength and practicality makes it the most trusted liner material available.
DURALINE™ supports a consistent charge column in cracked or voided ground.
DURALINE™ – for a better blasting outcome

Key benefits

REDUCE costs – save up to 35% using ANFO
REDUCE cost of wasted product in cracked and voided ground
REDUCE powder factor


  • DURALINE™ significantly reduces blasting costs by eliminating the need to use expensive water-proof explosives in favour of cost effective ANFO.

  • One Size Fits All (230mm – 270mm) – DURALINE™ features seamlessly expanding side gussets.

  • Gussets eliminate liner twisting and breaching ensuring high-speed deployment and reliable loading.

  • DURALINE™ is constructed out of lightweight, rip-stop and high tensile, impact and abrasion resistant material.

  • Convenient to handle rolls marked at 1 metre increments for practical on-bench sizing, cutting and sealing.

  • The DURALINE™ SMART all-weather welding machine allows liners to be cut and sealed to length easily on-site (IP65, 12v and 24v PLC controlled).