Part# 09-001


The MTi GROUP COLLARCONE Hole Savers are often referred to as Collar Protectors or Drill Hole Cones. They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate drill holes from 64mm to 450mm. Excellent in preventing cuttings re-entering the holes, our Drill Hole Cones saves you time and money on redrills and gives you a more constant blast.

What separates them from the rest is that they are injection-molded rather than rotation-molded. This means the wall thickness is consistent and the design can be more complex. Some features include:

  • Downline clips molded into the cone to prevent a potential misfire from leads falling down the hole
  • The ability to be stacked without sticking together due to anti lock tabs
  • Handles on the bigger sizes to assist with manual handling
  • Lightweight design makes them 20% lighter than other rotational molded products
  • Stacking heights that are up to 50% denser than other rotational molded products
  • Proven to reduce redrills 
  • Keeps collar open and protected
  • Load though for holes 230mm and above, blanked end for holes below 203mm.

MTi GROUP has also produced a mine spec trailer to accommodate the hole savers carrying over 700 at a time. This innovation has significantly decreased the manual handling risks associated with Hole Savers, and also increases productivity on the bench, housekeeping and life of the Hole Savers.


  • Impact-resistant and UV stabilized plastics
  • Highly visible 
  • Complies with AS 2187.2:2008
Description Part #

COLLARCONE Hole Saver - 64mm - 100/box


COLLARCONE Hole Saver - 76-115mm - 100/box


COLLARCONE Hole Saver - 102-140mm - 50/box


COLLARCONE Hole Saver - closed end - 165-203mm - 30/box


COLLARCONE Hole Saver - 230-250mm CC230


COLLARCONE Hole Saver - 250-311mm CC270