Part# 05-003


The BLASTBALL Plug is another innovative MTi GROUP product with promising potential. Designed specifically for underground applications and small diameter holes, the BLASTBALL Plug is a fantastic product to add to the blasters toolbox. Its robust outer shell is constructed in car tyre-fashioned reinforced webbing that allows the product to handle extreme pressures. 

Based on many innovations from the AERO™, the design of the BLASTBALL boasts:

  • New improved valving system 
  • Quick connection and high inflation rate 
  • Robust and durable construction with incredible sealing and load bearing capacity
  • Having been designed exclusively by the MTi GROUP engineering team the BLASTBALL is compatible with existing BLASTBAG AERO™ equipment and couplings
  • The BLASTBALL is a unique product with no existing competitive alternative to accomplish what this product is capable of
  • The BLASTBALL utilizes MTi GROUP's patented valve and AERO™ technology - a hybrid of all the strengths you have come to appreciate in the existing AERO™ product
  • The ability to deflate and relocate misplaced plugs
  • Safe storage and improved housekeeping when used to plug breakthrough holes underground - no trip hazards

Developed by MTi GROUP with the help of shot firers, the BLASTBALL and inflation systems has been purposefully designed to suit the most challenging of environments.


Description Part #

BBH - MERCURY 5Inch (64-115mm)suit 2.5-4.5" hole  nylon reinforced BLASTBALL w snap fitting - 50/box


BBH - MARS 6Inch (89-140mm) suit 3.5-5.5" hole reinforced nylon BLASTBALL w snap fitting - 50/box


BBH - VENUS 8.5Inch (140-203mm) nylon reinforced BLASTBALL  w snap fitting - 25 per box


BBH - NEPTUNE 10Inch (165-230mm) nylon reinforced BLASTBALL  w snap fitting - 25 per box