Part# 02-025


MTi GROUP has developed a safer and more efficient method of explosive protection, retention, placement, and constraint. The BLASTBAG AERO™ can be substituted in many Gas bag applications to provide a more economic, practical and lower risk environment. Not only have the benefits been noted by current users, but the advantages have also provided substantial savings and productivity improvements.

Advantages of AERO™ over Aerosol or chemical products:

  • AERO™ plug is stable in hot conditions - no risk of cans exploding from overheating and sun exposure.
  • The AERO™ plug boasts a higher degree of operator control when placing and inflating drill hole plugs.
  • Assured retention whilst facilitating quick operation of less than a few seconds for conventional void blocking, decking, dewatering etc.
  • In wetter conditions where slippage can be a problem, extra air can be added at the operator’s discretion to ensure a sufficient grip.
  • Technical calculations, coupled with experimental testing, have demonstrated that an Aero will support the weight of a 45m water column in an 89mm hole at an initial bag pressure of 5-8psig.
  • Air is no longer supplied by an aerosol can but instead introduced into the bag via an airline which is used to lower the bag down to the required depth (or push the bag up in underground applications).
  • When the bag is in place, it is inflated and the airline is detached with a quick pull (leaving the plug in situ as depicted below by an inflated Airbag).
  • AERO™’s can be easily airfreighted without the paperwork requirements of dangerous goods
  • AERO™’s plugs can have a multiple fit approach whereby a single product can fit all holes on site
  • Plugs are not effected by cold climates and therefore can be used at temperatures below 25C


Description Part #

(Open Pit) BBA -BLASTBAG AERO Emu - 100-350mm - 35/box


(Underground) BBA – BLASTBAG AERO Bilby 64-203mm 60/box