About Us

American Blasting Consumables Inc (ABC) is a U.S. registered business headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia.

ABC is a wholly owned subsidiary of a larger international group of mining service businesses.

With more than 20 years’ experience designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing blast improvement products, the group is truly the global leader.

By consistently delivering product improvements and innovations while maintaining industry leading safety and performance standards the group has built long-term relationships with the world’s leading mining companies.

Specializing in blast consumables and mining solutions, the group concentrates on products that assist with short term cost reduction through decreased explosives usage and long term by reducing the number of blast failures.  

The group is an ISO9001 (SAI Global) accredited manufacturing business and where applicable its products are rigorously tested to ensure compliance to international standards by independent and world renowned testing laboratories such as Stresau Laboratories (USA) for functional testing for reliable hazard classification and characterization of dangerous goods including US DOT, IATA, ADG and UN protocols.